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Instants to Nowhere by Ignacio Brito


Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot emails regarding my study space, so here it is. If you have any specific questions about anything ask me, I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Overall what helps to keep me sane during the semester is to make sure things are organized and easily accessible. Otherwise I would honestly go crazy.

  1. If you can, buy a wall rack. This helps me TREMENDOUSLY to keep track of loose leafs/notes/worksheets/etc during the semester. I assign a rack to each class, and keep all my paperwork organized that way. If you have more than five classes, then put the labs together and so on.
  2. I keep old notes and exams organized in the plastic bin pictured above. I bought it at Target and I can’t remember the exact price but it was under $10.
  3. As you can see I use drawer organizers. The one I have is not compartmentalized enough for all my stuff. It gets messy fast. If I find a perfect one I’ll share it with you guys.
  4. The small shelf where my printer sits has three cloth bins. I took a picture of one of the bins to give you more or less an idea of what I store in them. Things such as paper (both lined and printer paper, old notebooks, miscellaneous school necessities and so on.
  5. Lastly, as you can see the top portion of my bookcase only has the books I will use for this semester. I have a strict “no clutter” policy on that rack lol Nothing goes on there except books and binders.

When I am not in class, I spend the majority of my time studying, and I know most of you probably do the same. It’s really important for me to feel comfortable in here and I’ve devoted a lot of time to make sure the space is welcoming and warm. It’s hard enough to sit down and study for hours every day, I have to give myself incentives lol

For those of you asking me how to make your space more welcoming, invest in plants (my plants are from Home Depot and each one isn’t more than $3), candles (Target has a good selection), find pretty artwork, hang photos of your friends, or inspirational and encouraging quotes. Just make the space your own, a space that is warm, welcoming and encourages you to stick around.


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